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the Hybrid Agency

What does it mean to be hybrid?

"Hybrid" is a synthesis between entertainment and marketing.

The hybrid approach leverages skills and knowledge from both industries to generate more effective projects on either side.

We tell exciting stories.

We design and build brands.

We work with you to create effective content strategy.

We help you understand your clients and position in your industry.

We craft beautiful content.

Together, we will make your mark on the world.

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Branding & Advertising

Brand is everything.

Brand is awareness.

Brand is customer service.

Brand is the quality in your product or service, the efficiency of your communication.

Brand is the look, the feel, and the energy that resonates with your customers.

marketing services offered includes branding advertising commercial production design social media strategy consulting

Entertainment Services

A story must have impact.

Characters must arc.

Structure must be in place.

Consider the positioning of the project. The budget. The timeline. Pairing the project with the right people.

Whether it's creative direction, building the business model, or full execution we've got you covered.

It's better with a production partner.

entertainment services offering script manuscript analysis story structure consulting editing project management budgeting planning concept art visual design and consulting

Project Capabilities

This is the true advantage of hybrid.

A story or project must fit its market, and that means customization.

Your brand is larger than just one platform, so let's adapt to your audience.

Let's find the best way to tell your story. Or find better ways to tell more stories.

Panel for selecting project type, film video photography 3d illustration graphic novel book novel screenplay

Original Works

Some of our worlds are currently under development, and projects range across a variety of media.

This is a small sample of what is, and what is to come.

The Worlds of JFE


Traditional and digital print publishing of illustrated works and graphic novels. Emphasis is placed on high quality collectors' editions, as well as art prints of original illustrations from these works.

Select Portfolio

Selections from our feature-length narrative and commercial work.


John Errington

An Emmy Award-winning independent filmmaker, John has worked as a Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, and Editor on projects ranging from commercials and short-form documentaries to full length feature films (and just about everything in-between). He is passionate about quality image making that serves each and every story he tells.

JFE Productions represents John in his professional, creative contributions to various projects.

John is a graduate of Harvard University in 2005, receiving both a Bachelor of Arts in History and Literature, and a Master of Arts in Comparative Literature. He also received an Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology, the "business school of the future."

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